What Does A Clitorius Look Like Am I An Intersex?

Am i an Intersex? - what does a clitorius look like

Hello, I search the Internet and you find the word intersex. After reading the definition, I thought I could. I hope that U can answer that.
What follows is my condition:
1. clitorius large
2. the voice of a man (woman IMA, BTW)
3. Construction of large
4. to natural birth, but can not get pregnant 2 times.

I am an intersex? or is there another medical name for my company? I can not believe my doctors on site. do not know what they are doing. They told me that something more male hormones that cause clitorius General PPL like me in general, are not pregnant. But when a doctor tell them to do something else. What does not go with me and what kind of medical examination should I do?

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